Apple's Word killer

The rumors are floating around that Apple will be releasing a professional word processing application. This should come as no surprise, given that the company has released Keynote, a PowerPoint replacement.

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Prelude to Expansion for Apple Software?

I would be curious to know if Apple's software expansion may later include similar OSX platforms (BSD, Linux), considering there may be a market on those platforms for applications as robust as Keynote and a "100% import and export functionality (of .doc, photoshop, .pdf, etc)" word app.

I hadn't considered that, but

I hadn't considered that, but it sounds like a good idea. Is it even possible to port Mac OS X applications to Linux? I know the reverse is often done.

A Mac Angle on Linux

The eweek article, A Mac Angle on Linux might interest you as well.


Considering they haven't produced a OS killer, I'm going to doubt they'll produce a Word killer.


perhaps. but i'm aware of quite a few mac using ia's out there who would be more than willing to leave the M$ experience for an apple designed word processor.