"Blueprints for the web" - A review

I just finished reading "Blueprints for the web" and wrote down my thoughts about it.

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fills an important niche

i think christina's book serves an important role, which is to describe aspects of ia processes and techniques in a format that gives non-practitioners the tools to practice ia. it fills in some of the details and does so with easy to digest examples. like she says it's meant to be for ia what krug's book was to usability. having said that, i can see where some of the casual language might confuse readers who arent' from the u.s. but, this is just a reflection of the author's style and in some way this can be refreshing too. at least it's more refreshing than reading technical books.


I see it as an updated version of Practical Information Architecture by Eric Reiss. It fills the same niche, but is up-to-date enough to be interesting to everybody.

Don't Make Me Think! by Steve Krug has a lot more of a timeless feel to it.

in defense of RSW

It doesn't matter that Information Architects is out of print-- it is a relevatory read and reminds us all what we have still to accomplish beyond the narrow confines of the web. Track it down... it falls in and out of print; but that doesn't make it any less important. Personally, i find it more timeless than DMMT.

I feel that it is out of print matters in the context

Information Architects is a good book (parts of it is), but not something to advise newbies to read, especially if they will have problems finding it.

In addition, it is not about this type of information architecture but about what we now call information design.


When I wrote the book, RSW's book was in print, and could be found on Amazon. I still love it-- it reminds us IA is bigger than the web, has tons of inspiring text and wonderful images that inspire. I included it because it influenced me deeply when I was a newbie, and I was shocked and gratified when RSW gave me a quote-- long after the text had been out of my hands. If my inclusion of his book was the reason he gave me a nice quote-- well, I guess I'd be kinda sad. But it doesn't change the fact I think it is a good book. YOu may disagree, but heck, that's what being a human is all about.

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