The Future of Information Architecture: Part II (aifia)

Please help identify important trends and possible futures for information architecture by responding to this AIfIA survey. The results will be shared on the site and analyzed in the upcoming IA Leadership Seminar at the ASIS&T IA Summit. update: This survey is now closed. Thanks to all who participated! - jess

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Future of Information Architecture: Part II (aifia)

Quick note on the survey:
The opening page states there are three questions. There aren't. There are four sections, the first three contain at most 13 and at least 3 multiple choice questions.The last section is an essay question.

The 'exit this survey' link commits the fundamental flaw of taking the user to an unexpected destination. I assume now that the survey was a package offered by SurveyMonkey. Some text should have informed me that the link was not associated with AIFIA.

In both cases I came away feeling mislead by the very community that I am supposed to be inclined to joined.

True. There are 3 sections wi

True. There are 3 sections with a list of multiple choice questions for each, so you have to click about 10 or more radio buttons per page. Additionally there is an optional text entry form after the three sections.

I do think that the exit is a result of how SurveyMonkey steps you through the process. I will forward your feedback to the people who created the survey. I am sure if they can add some text to the end of the survey they will do so in future surveys.


This survey is currently closed