Rashmi on recommender systems

Andrew pointed me to Rashmi's excellent discussion of findability and recommender systems on sigia-l.

It sure would be nice if the best of sigia-l was culled periodically. Scott Berkun does this from time to time. Maybe the signal to noise has gotten better on the list?

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It has

I asked about some kind of compilation of this topic and the one about content management systems. I think it was PeterV who made me aware that the IA-wiki does some of this.

I do think however, that these two discussions has so much quality in them that I would like a real article edited from them. I also think that a place like this would be the right place to put such articles for the shared benefit of us all.

Yes - the signal to noise ratio has improved lately! :)


findability article

I'm seconding Gunnar here. It would be great to see the conversation distilled into an article.

SIGIA and quality

"It sure would be nice if the best of sigia-l was culled periodically."

Actually, I'd say, "It will soon be critical to cull SIGIA periodically to get any value out of it at all."

I resubscribed based on Rashimi's post, and a few others of quality recently. But I can't stand to wade through the mountains of crap that the list produces. We have at least one person who argues with nearly every point made on the list, and at least one certifiable wacko whose posts literally *make no sense*.

90% of SIGIA is crap, probably less thn 50% of CHI-WEB is crap. I think SIGIA should go to a moderated format.