AIfIA Volunteers to Operate IA Slash

After two years of operating this site, I am stepping down from daily blogging and moderating because of personal commitments. I have donated the site to AIfIA and will be migrating from my host to the AIfIA servers in the coming weeks.

I hope that the IA community will continue to find interesting sites and literature on iaslash as a few very generous AIfIA volunteers take on the role of blogging and moderating. Thanks for watching this site for the past couple of years. I hope iaslash users will continue to contribute to it.

-Michael (jibbajabba)

Here is the AIfIA press release:

Michael Angeles, creator of the information architecture community news site IA Slash, is donating the site to the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA). AIfIA members will moderate and administer IA Slash. IA Slash will continue to operate as an open community for information architects.

"After 2 years of running IA Slash, I have decided to step down from daily blogging to focus on commitments in my personal life," said Michael. "I initially planned to retire the site, but instead offered it to AIfIA."

"IA Slash is a tremendous resource for our community and it would have been a great loss if Michael had retired the site," said Christina Wodtke, AIfIA President. "AIfIA and its members can continue and hopefully expand on Michael's excellent work."

"We also plan to operate IA Slash in the spirit it was created--as an open community for all information architects," said Wodtke. "AIfIA members will provide the moderation, administration and technical support for IA Slash. However, anyone with an interest in IA will be able to post and comment."

The transfer of IA Slash to AIfIA begins immediately and will take several weeks. Costs of the transfer are expected to be minimal. Updates on the transfer will be posted at IA Slash (

For more information, contact AIfIA's media coordinator Jeff Lash.

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Thanks for all the work Michael!

Thanks for all the work Michael!

Blog: poorbuthappy ease by PeterV

Thanks Michael

It has been great getting to know you from ia/ - looking forward to your ongoing involvement in things IA and otherwise.

Good to see that unlike usable web or the ACIA, ia/ will continue.

Thanks to Michael!

This has definitely been my first stop in the morning and seeing your posts have definitely broadened my perspective. Goodluck to AIfIA to follow Michael's footsteps in providing relevant and interesting posts and technical experimentations for the IA community.

Michael, take time to relax, and go get yourself a massage to ease up any repetitive stress injuries you may have incurred with all your postings and dedication to improving ia/.


kudos michael

Michael has been an incredible resource. I certainly hope AIfIA, as a whole, can offer information as in-depth and relevant as Michael did.

Thanks Michael!

ia/ has been a great resource and I'm looking forward to seeing what AIFIA does with it.

As usual...

I do not have much to add.

Usually I'm happy/impressed with a resource brought to my attention by Michael and too busy understanding/reading the resource that I neglect to make a comment on ia/.

The comments made reflect the same feelings I have. Thank you.

IA Slash rocks on!

Michael, IA Slash has made me look smarter to clients countless times ... I'm glad it will continue. You have a dinner on me coming (seriously).

mike lee ~ ~ baltimore