Info Design / Arch Deliverable Schemas

Peter Bogaards is compiling a list of IA/ID deliverables on InfoDesign. Each is defined concisely and elements to appear in the documents are identified. Current practice shows that much discussion is devoted to concepts, theories, methods, and techniques of Experience Design in general and Information Design / Architecture (ID/A) in specific. Unfortunately, these discussions have not been productive enough so far vis-a-vis a deep understanding of ID/A activities and their results. A focus on the documents ID/As deliver and the building blocks ('elements') they consist of seems necessary. This document contains a set of ID/A deliverables (a.k.a. documents), which have been derived from various internal and external sources. Be aware, that this is a rather premature attempt to provide more consensus within the ID/A community on the structure, content, and presentation of the documents.