Macromedia tagline: Experience Matters

Macromedia has launched a new design with a corresponding marketing message about creating great experiences. The new tagline 'experience matters' has its own website with example experiential flash sites.

I alternate between loving the increased exposure of user experience, and hating the dilution of something tangible and valuable to buzz-compliant marketing copy.

Update: Jerry Knight's article on the new UI and interaction design is worth checking out.

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Good catch, Jess.

I just spent some time on the new Macromedia site. Generally, it was a horrible user experience. A few nice elements and interactions, but generally I saw poor use of screen space and lots of content hidden behind gratuitous "flashy" interaction design. Most of the sub-pages are better than the home page. Watch for a bunch of copycat sites to crop up.

Croc O' Lyle