Happy Birthday B&A

Happy Birthday B&A - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOXES AND ARROWS! On this, Boxes and Arrows' one year anniversary, Christina Wodtke muses about the original goals, some of their accomplishments, and even shares a few tidbits from behind the scenes at B&A.

Boxes and Arrows is one of the great things happening in the IA/UX world today...thanks for all the great insights and how-to shop talk over the past year. Congratulations to all the B&A team! Looking forward to good things for years to come!

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Big props to B&A

I have to say I've been impressed at what Boxes and Arrows has been able to do in such a short period of time. Christia, and everyone over there should feel very proud. Here's to another (and another, etc.) great year.

D. Keith Robinson |
dkr@7nights.com |

happy birthday

Thanks, Christina, Erin, George, and everyone who made B&A happen. It truly is a wonderful and needed resource.

movable type?

I see that the Happy Birthday page says they are using a hacked version of Movable Type.... but the site is in PHP. Can someone provide some insight on this like what is the PHP doing? Also, any chance that Boxes and Arrows has their hacked version available/open source?

George Olsen

The PHP was mostly used to fill in the gaps of MT, for example the pagination that's used on longer articles and to put the comments on separate pages; or creating macros we used for formatting articles (like pullquotes).

Frankly most of it is outdated because things we originally hacked together a year ago (thanks to our technical gurus) are things that are now bundled with newer versions of MT or available as plug-ins.

To my knowledge (the tech folks may contradict me) we haven't done any hacking to the MT source code.

Not that we wouldn't mind hacking MT itself to add in some of thing things really necessary to make it a publishing tool, like better workflow and the ability to have a true staging area. (Right now we use a duplicate blog as a staging area and manually copy over stuff into the live blog. So we're also hacking things in that way.) Rumor has it some of these sorts of things may be in the upcoming MTPro version.

BTW, MT + Smarty seems like a powerful combination, especially if you've got more dynamic sites.