Exapanding on the Elements of User Experience.

Just over one years old, Boxes and Arrows continues to kick out great content. This week we have Expanding the Approaches to User Experience by George Olsen. Here George takes Jesse James Garrett’s The Elements of User Experience diagram (PDF) and expands upon it to include interactive multimedia. It's an interesting read, I'm sure to be a bit controversial, but I think he makes some good points. I'd love to hear what others think about this.

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Just curious what part of you think will be a bit controversial?

RE: Controversial

Well, maybe that isn't the right term, but I was thinking that there might be folks out there that feel like the “experiential” elements of user experience don't have a place here. For the record I am not one of those people. I've always thought there is a place for more immersive types of interactive media in this. As certain aspects of the Web become closer and closer to those areas you mentioned; software, CD-ROMs, Video Games, TV, etc. this becomes more relevant. Let alone some Web sites need to be immersive and experimental, you brought up a good point with the movie Web sites. I guess I'm just not sure everyone reading the article will see it that way. I mean Macromedia got a lot of critism for their redesign, and frankly I'm not sure why. They've made a pretty bold move, but it seems to me it's perfect for their audience in most respects.

Re: Controversial

Yeah, I'm fully expecting to be flamed in that regard. People just don't seem to understand there's more than one "right" type of web.

Those who focus exclusively on utility and efficiency would have us speak in monotone, since after all, tone of voice doesn't make a difference, it's all just information, right?

Re: Controversial

No doubt. And heaven forbid we have any fun? Users hate fun! ;)

Re: Controversial

Fun, enjoyment and pleasure are most definitely not productive...