CardZort card sorting software

Darin Marshall points to Jorge Toro's CardZort card sorting software.

CardZort is a computer application that runs card sorting exercises. Its main purpose is to offer a complete computer-aided system that allows the fast creation and execution of card sorting exercises, and the analysis of the resulting groups via cluster analysis.

Darin says it's less buggy than EZsort - I'm looking forward to trying it out. If it works, then it's well worth the $50 Jorge is asking from people using it for 'professional/lucrative purposes'.

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Still needs some tweaking

I tried it and it seems ok. It is great that you can pick the distribution scheme (random, grid, stack), but I am not particularly happy about the way it addresses the user once the sorting has begun - the instructions are not as friendly as you would expect.


  • card names: 1, 2, 3, 001, 005, 008, a, b, c
  • stacked into: {1, 2, 3}, {001, 005, 008} and {a, b} I didn't position the c card close enough to make it join the last stack so I get this message:

    "There are one or more cards still to be grouped. Press OK if you want to leave them as they are or CANCEL to group them" [OK] [CANCEL]

    I feel this could be improved, because it kind of forces the user to stack it, thought that may not have been their initial wish (thus influenting their decision). It is also not very clear what CANCEL will do - cancel the whole thing and start over or just go back to the previous state? (bug alert: not to mention that actually clicking on it will make the same action as OK, taking you to step 2)

    Apart from this it is really very simple and the drag and drop interface always makes it very easy for the user. Nice!