New Yahoo! Search debuts

Yahoo has debuted its new search interface. Much cleaner, and looks like it's aimed directly at Google. I like the search results screen a does a great job of showing what index (web, directory, images, etc.) the results are from.

There's a tour with callouts highlighting different search elements. Something else interesting is the use of search shortcuts - prefix the word 'map', type an address, and you're hooked into Yahoo! Maps; type 'weather' and a city, and you've got the forecast; type a zip code with your search and you're looking at local Yellow Pages. Reminds me of parts of Paul Ford's semantic web fairytale. While Google makes a good foil, its not the only player that pays attention to such things.

Another interesting feature - you can "ScreenDial" around Yahoo - type a keyword and exclamation point, and get to a specific screen: So mail! goes to Yahoo! Mail, while news! goes to...well, you get the picture.

Excellent stuff, and congrats to the Yahoo! search team :-)

I'm curious though - what do ia/ readers think? Improvement? Google-envy? What could be better? What is outstanding? Let us know in the comments...

Update LOL - Andrés Sulleiro points out subliminal Boxes and Arrows promotion.

Good discussion over at signal vs. noise

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NY Times Reviews Yahoo Search

There was a review of it in NY Time today including thoughts around "Google-envy". In my previous life, I was at AV and I can remember going round and round with the UI and presentation of all the available search types and search results...gosh I should put my portfolio up one of these days. It's very political and it's very revenue driven, and following the search sphere everything is starting to feel the improvements for Yahoo is a good direction. As for could be better, I think the results page is still cluttered and it's difficult to visually prioritize the items on the page. The tabs for targeted search reminds me of my AV search days; We had search items as tabs on the home page and eventually as a left nav and then on the results page they went along the top of results. As for outstanding, taking the graphic ads out, makes the page lighter and not distracting ;)

NY Times Article(free membership required)

results pages

I haven't used Yahoo! in a long time so I had to compare these screens to the old Y! search to see what was new. Some comments:

I found the results screens to be much better in terms of order and placement of search results elements. For instance, I liked that related searches are now shown in small text below the search form. e.g. check this search for "knowledge management" for instance.

Tabs also work much better for changing my search domain from "The Web" to "News" in my opinion. The old right-aligned links reading "Search in: The Web | Directory | News" are in a blind spot.

Also interesting is the addition of the form field for excluding terms at the bottom of the page. You see:

Search for all of these words: ________ and none of these words: ________.

Lastly, I really wish all search engines would move their sponsored links into a sidebar rather than above search results. That continues to be a major gripe with me and search engine results screens.


How articles explain this is Yahoo's scheme to compete with Google.

At the bottom of Yahoo's search results:
Search Technology provided by Google

So far.

Yahoo! have recently aquired Inktomi (News Story), so they may not be using Google's results much longer.

(Inktomi is another search tech company who powered Y! until about a year ago)