IA is like...Dating!

Keith Instone pointed me to this great poster from CHI:
Dating Example for Information Architecture. Clever, humorous, and good for explaining IA to people who have no idea what a sitemap is, but have bought or received a dozen roses.

There's also a short write-up of the piece (280kb PDF) that Keith sent by email. If you know where the "official" location of the write-up is, please let me know in the comments.

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Dating IA write-up

I grabbed the 2 page PDF of the poster from the CHI 2003 Extended Abstracts CDROM.

We might be violating some copyright by publicly sharing it - the PDF (bottom column of first page) says the authors retain the copyright, not ACM, so you have to get their permissions before giving it away.

Best to ask them first - I bet they will agree to let us share it, tho.