Alertbox: Low-End Media for User Empowerment

The April 21 Alertbox is about keeping it simple - not a simple user interface, but simple media for the content.

In short, the fancy audio and videos are not worth the effort.

This reminds me of the old-time Alertboxes - nothing too surprising, but good to keep this article handy so that I can reference it the next time someone gets gung-ho on the rich media.

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Good findings

Most of the information is not surprising to anybody that has worked with large sites for long.

I think that the assumption for how complexity creeps in is correct but I would like to see some supporting surveys for this. I suspect that it also leads to expensive advertising campaigns on television when radio and PR might be better suited.

I appreciate the low cost of the reports that Nielsen Norman provides but my report spending is short while I am job hunting and back in school.
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