15 tips for working with remote teams

Indi Young shares lessons learned from working with remote teams.

One of the challenges for remote work is contact with end-users. It's ok for working with clients to come up with concepts, but human-centered design assumes face-to-face contact with users through field research, participatory design, and usability testing.

Being in Canada, I'd like to be able to easily work remotely for U.S. projects. However, I'm not sure how to handle the immersion with users that I'd hope to have.

Any thoughts on how we can be user centered, with just remote contact with users?

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remote work better for some projects than others

Some further thoughts: It seems to me that remote work would be better suited for some types of projects than others.

Facilitating work with an on-site team makes more sense than the oxymoronic 'remote field research'.

Also, for those of us without broken legs, a mix of on-site and remote work might be easier.

Finally, remote usability testing has been discussed a lot and may have other lessons for other methods (like card sorting).


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