DUX Conference Notes Here

Ok, as much as I like serendipity, I really want to aggregate the DUX notes out there. I was not fortunate enough to head to DUX last weekend, but I've been randomly stumbling onto the notes. Please post your notes or links to your notes if possible in the comments:

Amy Lee
Boxes & Arrows (Erin Malone)
Brad Lauster and Day 2
Aaron Oppenheimer
Gene Smith's Photos
Celia Romaniuk's notes on Buxton & Kapor
Uday Gajendar
Danny O'Brien in which he somewhat apologizes for the panel that he was on...

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BAYCHI presentation

See also BAYCHI presentation this week. Featuring 'DUX ReDUX with
Richard I. Anderson, Lauralee Alben, Hugh Dubberly, Peter Merholz,
and John Zapolski'. -- dc

Buxton/Kapor plenary notes

My notes from the Buxton/Kapor opening plenary are here: