Federated search overview

I recently heard Roy Tennant tell a group of information professionals that "only librarians like to search, everyone else likes to find." Roy should get together with Peter to combine his findability meme with this appropriate tagline.

In keeping with this findability theme, Tennant's describes some of the current offerings in the federated search space in his latest Digital Libraries column in Library Journal. This is an area that is hot with vendors in the information searching space right now.

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Federated Search and Findability

The last time Roy and I got together was over a fabulous dinner in Palm Springs. I propose a federated search and findability summit in Palm Springs, and let's schedule it for the middle of winter so I can escape the Michigan snow :-)

Palm Springs sounds good to me.

Why do we have IA Summits in such places as Baltimore and Portland? Warm weather in the winter makes for a perfect findability summit.

Count me in...

Federated search is something I'm also investigating...both for content and application searching...our library is one venue for this type of searching, but boy I'd love to get my hands in searching our LDAP directory as well as our different applications which contains some business cases goodies...and eventually our OPAC and research database. I second the motion for a summit in Palm Springs during the summit...ASIST or AIFIA are you listening ;)