International IA

Peter Morville tackles the biggest growth area for IA - not a new technology platform, but IA practice outside the USA.

"Now is the time to actively work on building these international relationships. IA in the US has reached a plateau. We enjoyed major investment and rapid learning in the 1990s. We developed core concepts and methodology, and we experienced the trials and tribulations of interdisciplinary collaboration. As the economy revives, we're positioned to invest real energy in cross-cultural IA."

While I'm not sure about the plateau in the States, I agree that international IA is an exciting area to watch.

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IA Plateau ?

I found the plateau comment to be quite curious as well. Considering that use of the name "architect" in "IA" is under question legally, that there are only a few fledgling programs of study in the world, and that there are no real tools, standards, or theories of IA, it's hard for me to see anything that resembles a plateau at all. There's only growth and more work ahead - which was the motivation behind AIFIA anyway, an organization which Peter is heavily involved. Funny to get that take on the "state of the union" from a leader in IA.

As an American IA living in Germany and working for a London-based company, internationalization is central to everything I do at the moment. Clearly, we need to understand more about this area. Watch out for new developments on the horizon (hopefully).

Thanks for the article, Peter!

- Jim

IA Plateau

I admit the plateau comment was intended to be provocative though not entirely without merit. There's no question the field has matured significantly and that improvements in understanding and methodology among the core IA community has slowed. However, I fully agree we've got a long way to go in key areas such as education, and that still most people in the world have never heard of IA. So, maybe we're on a gentle slope rather than a plateau :-)

Life outside the US?

I find this all very strange. I mean, is it just that the US is starting to realise that there are IAs outside their country?

In Australia, at least, we have a strong and growing IA community, with a lot of knowledge... We don't need AIfIA to "recognise" internationalised IA, we're doing fine already...