Flash Mob #6

Mob #6 Pics

I've uploaded a few pics of the latest flash mob. Naturally, I was running late to the start point but managed to intercept a large group of people leaving Hamburger Harry's. Figuring this to be the mob en route (oh, how clever am I?) I verified that to be the case with a young woman. Unfortunately, she didn't have a copy of the instructions (only a print out of the announcement email). I glomed onto the group anyway figuring my best bet would be to try to follow this wicked fast Japanese cameraman.

Much to my delight, the group arrived at the Toys R' Us flagship store in Times Square. As I was walking to Harry's originally I thought (given the Macy's event prior) that it would be a great locale. Anyway, we went to the second floor and people milled about for a bit. At one point an English gent with a mic interviewed me about the mob. After a brief bout of us both being cagey about the why I mentioned to him that I didn't have a copy of the script yet. He showed me and I was even more delighted.

...and at the appointed time we all surrounded the giant animatronic t-rex, got down on our knees in feigned worship, and screamed in mock terror when it roared.

The call to disperse came at just the right time since the police showed up....

All in all it was a grand time. A little slice of cliche heaven to boot. In front of me during the "worship" was a Japanese Salariman and to my left a trendy hipster doofus complete with adjusto-strap prole hat.