GraphViz Site Map Generator with SVG output

I updated the Site Map Generator, a proof of concept application (or toy) that shows GraphViz's functionality as an IA tool. This set of updates produces more readable SVGs. View the hierarchical map and radial map demos to see the results (SVG viewer required). Note that due to memory constraints, this only works with files up to about 438 lines, so uploading your huge content inventory might not work.

SVG is pretty cool. Ever since Auke turned me onto it by pointing me to this map showing social patterns and structures in Vienna I've been floored by this technology and vowed to learn more about it. Haven't gotten there yet, but once SVG viewers get better browser penetration, there will be a lot more we can do to help users visualize information by just serving an SVG XML file.

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You should send this to

Could do

Livia, it could be put up there. I don't know how serious it is as a tool though, which is why I often refer to it as a toy. It was only meant to demonstrate a functionality because I never intended to go far with it. Feel free to link to it though if you think it's valuable to the IA community. -Michael

Glad to see another believer

:) Amsterdam offer still stands..

P.s Hopefully we'll be able to show the newly generated interactive SVG issuenetwork maps of the in the coming weeks.