Wake-up call

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phone(y) companies

I don't like speaking on the phone, I love writing email and I absolutely hate the interactions one is 'required' to have with phone companies. Therefore, I don't use a mobile phone on a daily basis anymore. (I own one though, which I take with me when I travel).

Despite the fact that the phones themselves haven't yet achieved what I'd consider optimal design for my needs is part of that reason, but the interaction with phone companies is a larger part of it.

Five minutes before I received the email with a link to this article, I was finishing a call I received from my mobile carrier, asking me for feedback on their service.

So, unlike them, who talk to me unsolicited, I provided 40 minutes of feedback on how horrible and disrespectful their service is. I explained how my mobile was cloned seven (7!) times and the incredibly tortuous trails I had to go through to get this reverted.

I explained in detail how miserable they had made me feel in every interaction I had had with them in the past and how this contributed to a horrible overall experience with the company.

Now that I am done talking to them and have read this article, I'm feeling more motivated to cut the mobile service altogether.