iaslash is back

After a few weeks of struggling to get our domain released from a very bad registrar, iaslash is finally back up again. We’re now being hosted by ibiblio. Thank you ibiblio! We are also running the current version of Drupal (4.3.0). A few announcements regarding the Drupal upgrade:

  • Email alerts are suspended temporarily. Drupal is still re-coding this module. Sorry.
  • The XML feed has a new URL: http://iaslash.org/blog/feed Please change your readers/aggregators accordingly.
  • URL format for entries have been changed to be more search engine friendly. Old URLs that looked like http://iaslash.org/node.php?node=7505 now look like http://iaslash.org/node/view/7505

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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hurray for URL improvement

Great job! Much better!