visual communities are difficult to work on, there is no simple web community to work on

i have studied some visual communities but unitl now i have not found a web community with simle interface every on I have searched including this one you need to read and try again and again untill you can work things out in my resaerch these communities are supposed tp be as easy as possile so there are NO NEED FOR A" HELP" LINK ON THE WEBSITE, but on the other hand i do not deny the search in these communities is good except when the user posts a comment or a question it is really difficult for the user when comes back to see the response to find it
anyone who wants to comment on that?????

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There is no help link on iaslash. I'm not sure that's how it's "supposed" to be on all sites though.

What is a "visual community"?

use punctuation

I'm tempted to mod this one down.

What do you think is needed to make a community site effective? In the case of a community blog, can you point to improvements that would be useful? It might be more productive to provide insight into what specifically bugs you rather than just letting out your frustration. This site exists to mainly push news to people and to help people learn about current practices being discussed around IA, so if you have concrete thoughts to air, please do so in a way that benefits the community of readers here.

Do you have specific problems that you need solved in terms of finding what you need on this site? This site is a blog right now. It uses a common reverse-chron sorting of entries and some author-created subject-based tagging/indexing and a site search. While I have been able to ask for improvements to the open source application that this site runs, I haven't generally requested much of these developers unless I have found significant cause to do so.

slow down on me i am not crit

slow down on me i am not critisizing, the fact that there is such a technology
way better than days and days ago but, if you look deeper to the subject of web blogging it started by line by line scripting and it progressed to what you see now but the thing is people who work on programming and scripting are more likley to catch the mouse from its tail but normal people who have the desire to use such facility are going to strugle with reading the long pages of support and FAQ so if people who designed this are put to use some machine but have to read a whole thick book to work it out they will hate it. and this is my point am asking these people if they read this comment to work on simplifing the way those web blogging web sites work .
by the way am kind of doing research on web blogging and virtual communities so i asure you am not writing ti irritate any one but it is from what i saw on the world wide net .