A new challenge at a new university. I'd better keep up that resolution of documenting everything accurately, so here is week 1 of my PhD Blog.

This week has been one of those annoying setting up weeks where I have drowned in paperwork and said 'hello' to a whole buch of people. None of which I can remember names for.

My PhD is going to be about the integration of Danger Theory ( a novel immunological concept ) into something useful for the improvement of network intrusion detection. The two people I am working with on this project (immediately) are Jamie Twycross and Uwe Aickelin (supervisor). We are working on this project as part of an EPSRC Adventure Fund Project, in collaboration with several other people at UCL (Peter Bentley and Jung Won Kim), Immunologists based at UWE (Bristol) and HPLabs, Bristol. Should be fun.

For starters I have read through a fair volume of papers relevant to the immunology theory (mostly provided by Polly Matzinger) and more specifically I am currently examining the potential role of dendritic cells in the process of planned and unplanned cell death. Next weeks work entials getting to grips with Networking and Network Security and the associated issues.

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I'm So Happy

...and yet I don't quite see the relevancy to information architecture, ya know?