7 myths of usability ROI

BayCHI presentation from Oracle's Daniel Rosenberg puts common ROI approaches through the wringer. The thing that stands out for me is that ROI calculations don't include any consideration of the end user - if the product costs more to own, but the company makes back its money faster, then ROI suggest that this is the right decision - even though long term sustainability might be compromised.

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questioning generalizability of enterprise software

I saw this talk about which I wrote an essay entitled "The Red Herring of Usability ROI." You can read the full text on my blog, netnow:
I'm also writing a research paper on ROI of UX which I will be presenting at the IASummit pre-conference with Janice Fraser. The paper includes cases on: KQED, ESPN.com, Belkin, Bank of America, and Cathay Pacific Airlines.
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