Small Business IA & usability

I am thinking of creating some sort of Small Business IA/usability organization to promote the practice in small businesses. I've seen too many small biz websites that have really unusable websites -- since the vast majority of small biz owners have the do-it-yourself mentality (whether that's the best attitude to have is a whole different story) many, if any, do not understand that a site must be usable for it to benefit consumers.

I am not new to the idea of IA and usability, actually found out about the field a few years the past months have I have been starting to actively take a role in it.

I hope a few of you read this blog -- I'm currently looking for any organizations that exist that already fulfill the need I if you are reading, and do, please let me know so I won't duplicate any work or step on any toes.

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You definitely should check o

You definitely should check out AIfIA. They're very active in promoting the field to businesses, large and small. I think the majority of the members are from small businesses.

Austin Govella

Just what I want to offer

I run an Interaction design and Production start-up in the UK and that is exactly what I am trying to do. I don't know about the US market but here in the UK small businesses are very cautious as to what benefit user-centred design will bring. They don't really understand how much more it will benefit their business and it is very hard to get through the often 'thick skin' of small business owners (I am one myself so I am talking to myself as well). The thing about small business people is that they are often self-sufficient.

Also I think it is linked to a general under-appreciation of good design. It is too easy to just copy someone else or do an ok job. People don't realise that anything is only effective if it can be used by the people it is aimed at......

Anyway, I am preaching to the converted so I am sorry. It would be great hear if anyone else is working in this area.

I just want to take some of the big corporation lessons and apply them to get benefits for small and medium sized businesses. Check out my website for more information on what services I am offering - (not meant to be an advert, more a invitation for comments on my approach).