More visualisation goodness

Jibbajabba’s post of ‘They Rule’ made me think about Visualization and after a bit of poking around and some help from a friend (thanks Mikey) I found a couple more Visualization that really did it for me.

One of the nicest applications of The Brain style, mind mapy type things is Visual Thesaurus. In fact it impressed me so much I subscribed within about 10 minutes of having seen it. Since then I have used it no less then 12 times. Not bad for 3 days.

Michael Zelter also pointed me at Music Plasma, which seems great not only as an information source of discogrpahy but also to find similar and related artists. Trace the links from some of your favorate artists to someone you haven’t heard before.

Finally I found a flash artist by the name of Marcos Weskamp, he is of recent fame for newsmap a Flash apps which presents a visualization of Google news. His project which caught my eye was Synapsis which renders network traffic visually. I just love the ‘auto-centering’ of this visualization it is both smooth and non-confusing, keep the users attension on the appropriate piece of the visualisation. Very nice indeed.

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You might also want to look a

You might also want to look at the several other Carnivore clients in addition to Synapsis.

If you like Newsmap, you should be aware of its granddaddy, the far more appropriate SmartMoney MarketMap (appropriate in that news headlines really don't have enough data dimensions to make the nested-tree visualization an improvement over simple lists, where stock information does.)

And of course, Ben Fry can practically crank out lovely and useful visualizations in his sleep for fiendishly complex data (say, the human genome).

even more visualisation goodies..

Meatball wiki: CategoryInformationVisualization

VisualWho, GlassEngine, TextArc, and lots more


Can't forget Kartoo's Flash-based visual meta-search engine.