Personal Information Architectures

Gene has an interesting post about personal information architectures, something he spoke about at the recent Future of IA Retreat. While the recent interest in social classification and folksonomy is a large reason to talk about personal info. architecture, I think that Thomas Vanderwal has also been talking about the issue for a few years as the Personal Info Cloud.

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Personal InfoCloud

Gene's approach is one of the tangents that I have not discussed much, it is still scattered in notes. I stumbled on to the Personal InfoCloud as part of the Model of Attraction, which uses an attraction metaphor (as opposed to a navigation metaphor) as the foundation of information gathering and information seeking on the web. One of the added advantages of this is it also lets us focus on how the users consume the information and work toward easing how we can make it easier for the user to have the information stay attracted to them so is is with them when they need it. Context and particularly cross-application and cross-device solutions are imperative. In my scanning the personal KM information it seems to be missing the cross-device component, which is where we have problems once we move away from calendaring and address book information (even this is dodgy when it involves more than two devices).

I am presenting this last piece this weekend, That Syncing Feeling, at the Design Engaged conference this weekend.