AIfIA Preconference at IA Summit

The early registration deadline for the AIfIA Leadership Seminar is January 28th. Sign up now to get a significant discount for this awesome star-studded event! The 1 ½ day Seminar “Advanced IA: Topics for 2005 and Beyond” will be on March 3rd and 4th, prior to the 2005 Information Architecture Summit in Montreal. This highly interactive forum will connect leaders and provide an invaluable way to learn from others across a variety of disciplines. The sessions and speakers include:

  • “Managing Up: The Business Strategy of Information Architecture”
    Christina Wodtke and Scott Hirsch
  • “The Enterprise IA Roadmap”
    Louis Rosenfeld
  • ”Homeland Security and IA”
    Lee S. Strickland, JD
  • “Practical Application of the Semantic Web”
    Paul Ford
  • “The State of Global IA”
    Livia Labate, Peter Van Dijck, Jorge Arango
  • “Hands-On Scenario Planning: Looking to the Future to Shape Decisions Today”
    Jess McMullin

For more information about the seminar, please check the AIfIA website at or to register for both the Seminar and the IA Summit, go to