IA Summit Registration Hiccups

If you've registered for the IA Summit in the last couple weeks, your registration may not have been completed.

>From Dick Hill, ASIS&T Executive Director:
We have had some corruption in the PGP keys which allow receiving secure registrations. A fix is in the works, but not yet complete.

If you registered this week or last, please send an e-mail to chaynes [at] asis [dot] org confirming who registered, for what. (We need a count on the pre-cons.)

Please include a phone number. If we have no record of the transaction, we will give you a call for details, payment information, etc. If we do have a record, we will confirm via e-mail.

Again, only the last week or two are affected by this, we believe.

Also note, there is no security risk with the registration hiccup - as far as I know, the issue is just that some registrations stay encrypted instead of decrypting in the ASIS&T offices.

If you haven't registered, and are thinking about it, it will be a great time...fun, educational, high value. You can go register now. Hope to see you in Montreal.