Coveo: Decent search engine, free for less than 5000 documents

Coveo is a site search engine from the makers of Copernic desktop search. Looks comparable to others in the entry-to-mid market, but is currently free for 5000 documents or less. I'm digging into the technical docs right now to look for things like synonym control and best bets, but haven't found them yet. Runs on Windows. Anyone tried it out? Thanks Ben Skelton

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Coveo Enterprise Search Technical Info

Let me start off by saying that I work for Coveo so there is no misunderstanding as to where my loyalties lie :)

Our product does indeed support synonyms and best bets.

We are always looking to improve, please try CES out and let us know what you think. I'm confident you'll find out it is much more than a "decent search engine".


Pointers to Coveo support site for synonyms, etc.

Hey Richard,

Thanks for dropping by - do you have any pointers to for technical info on synonyms and best bets?



Technical pointers

Hi Jess,


Best bets are called Top Results in CES and synonyms are configured via the thesaurus.

Online help pages are available here
Top Results

Hope this helps,