IA Manifesto 2.0

From the recent East Coast IA Retreat comes a low-fi sketch of IA Manifesto 2.0 (I had nothing to do with creating it, but it struck a chord with me)

1. we need bad theory (comes before good theory)
2. We will not discuss definitions.
3. What do we do with RSS?
4. We talk and talk about how to document ajax interactions... but not about
what it means
5. Need to leave the website behind.
6. We will not discuss deliverables.
7. An IA comic book?
8. need to re-integrate with the rest of the world
9. deliverables are decoys while we're figuring out what we're doing
10. every 2 hours, there shall be 1/2 hour of non-ia talk
11. we're in a position to make a difference, but not doing much about it
12. all the interesting stuff is happening outside of ia
13. we are web 1.0
14. we're stuck in our (well paying) client relationships
15. we need to be unemployed again to innovate
16. we're conservatives at heart. Paying the bills.
17. we're not discussing cool new ideas, we discuss wireframes.
18. we're too good at what we do right now
19. we're dinosaurs
20. ...and tagging is a small, furry animal
21. in other words, if a comet was to crash, we'd be fucked.
22. if we build consensus within IA, we're doing something wrong
23. the IA putch is very close to being screwed
24. IA's might have to stop being generalists
25. or become more generalist again.

Andrew Hinton took a pretty good swing at a manifesto a few years back.