The Speed of Information Architecture

By isolating enduring IA from adaptive IA, we can invest sensibly in long-term infrastructure while creating flexibility where it's needed. This is an interesting article by Peter Morville, who presents an argument for a) examining the speed of change in site development projects b) considering the application of faceted classifcation as a stable infrastructure for describing data, and c) considering a slow rate of change in faceted classification schemes and infrastructure elements in relation to a potentially more volatile rate of change in the controlled vocabulary and in presentation layer elements. Morville's discussion on the use of facetted classification (in this context, our taxonomy is a controlled vocabulary in disguise -- if you call main nodes broad terms and inner nodes narrow terms) suggests an interesting theory about rate of change in infrastructure and presentation layer elements. The model below shows this rate of change. VOLATILE * Content, Services, Interface * Adaptive Finding Tools * Controlled vocabulary * Enabling Technologies Embedded Navigation System * Faceted Classification Schemes STABLE Morville, I believe, suggests that a flexible presentation layer can post-coordinately arrange documents according to the Controlled Vocabulary terms applied, rather than to present a taxonomy as an aspect of interface and navigation. In the model above, elements upstream are flexible and grow as the corpus of data and the mode of presentation changes. But, the low level classification schemes become ingrained in users' mental model of this corpus. Any thoughts on this?