HFWeb 2001 Universal Access: More People. More Situations.

The free HF conference is coming Monday, June 4, 2001 to Madison Wisconsin. Click "Read more" below for full press release. PROGRAM ANNOUNCED, REGISTRATION OPENED FOR HUMAN FACTORS CONFERENCE Web accessibility, CRM, mobile interface design highlighted by industry leaders MADISON, WI (April 17, 2001) - Optavia Corporation today announced the program for the 7th Conference on Human Factors and the Web (HFWeb) and tutorials on June 4-6, 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin. Free online conference registration was also announced, available at the conference web site, http://www.optavia.com/hfweb. Optavia Corporation is hosting this year’s HFWeb conference, which is a major annual event for human factors professionals - engineers, developers, and designers - to share and promote ideas and resources towards a more useful and usable web. Previous HFWeb hosts include Microsoft Corporation, IBM and SBC Technology Resources, AT&T, and US West Communications. The theme of this year’s event, “Universal Access: More People, More Situations,” highlights increasingly critical issues of accessibility and usable design. Leaders in a number of industries, including human factors, wireless Internet technology, user-centered design, and accessibility, will give presentations and tutorials. Specific topics include mobile interface design, prototyping and evaluation techniques, accessible web design, and customer relationship management. A complete listing of the conference program and tutorial topics is available at the conference web site. The conference will be held June 4 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, and is free to registered attendees. The tutorials will be held June 5-6, also at the Monona Terrace. Details of the tutorial fees are available at the conference web site. An early registration discount applies to tutorial registrations received prior to May 2. For questions about the conference or tutorials, visit the conference web site, http://www.optavia.com/hfweb, or contact the conference coordinator, Kary Lehman, at 608-260-9000. Optavia Corporation (http://www.optavia.com) designs the usable interface that connects you with your customers. Optavia’s user-centered techniques illuminate your customers’ needs, behaviors, and expectations, taking the guesswork out of interface design. Optavia’s training, research, and flexible consulting products guide your team in creating effective, usable technology built with the customer in mind. Optavia’s accessibility services open your organization to more people, in more situations. Bringing together the needs of your business and your customers, Optavia makes technology usable.