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IA Summit blogging

The IA Summit has set up a group blog where all conference-goers will have posting access. For those blogging the conference on their own sites, you can trackback to

Thanks Atomiq

IA Slam Workshop looks like a blast at Summit preconference

A hypothetical design project brings together small teams of IAs to share thoughts on process and deliverables as they come up with "big ideas" and specific solutions. The fictitious Company X, represented by the moderators, will get input from teams formed from workshop participants. It looks like a great break from the standard PowerPoint drill, and there will even be fabulous prizes...

Because it's shorter (2 hours) the IA Slam is also cheaper than other preconference activities...something to consider if you'll be in Austin on the 26th but don't have $575 for a full day.

Content Management for Information Architects

This full-day workshop focuses on the link between information architecture and content management. Presentations by the industry’s leading experts and relevant case studies will provide attendees with well-grounded knowledge and numerous opportunities to participate. Special emphasis will be placed on the integration of IA knowledge and deliverables into the CM process.

Update: Early registration extended for the workshop and the IA Summit - new deadline January 31st! You'll save $75 on the workshop, and $100 on the conference by registering this week. Also, AIFIA members get in with membership pricing on the Summit.

Information Work Productivity Council

The Information Work Productivity Council are an independent group of companies and academics that have joined together to study the issue of information work productivity and profitability.

The Information Work Forum, sponsored by the Information Work Productivity Council, brings together academia, industry and government to discuss productivity as a key factor in achieving global competitive advantage; demonstrate how companies can maximize business performance and profitability through Information Work strategies; and showcase technology solutions and services that help companies achieve the greatest ROI to achieve maximum productivity. Information Work is the act of creating, using or sharing information as a part of a business process. Combined with new information technologies and tools, information work is structurally changing labor markets, business and economies around the globe. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there are roughly 100 million information workers in the U.S. alone. Any broad-based improvements to information work productivity could lead to substantial benefits to both the economy and society.

IA Summit 2004 - Austin, TX Feb. 27-29

The 2004 Information Architecture Summit is accepting online registration - early bird rates last until January 24th.

The program is coming together with outstanding speakers - it's hard to pick which sessions to go to.

The pre-conference workshops on the 27th offer a range of options too. For IAs involved in content management, AIFIA is sponsoring a workshop on errr... Content Management for IAs with a roomful of incredibly smart CM people who will share their insights - from the Content Management Bible's Bob Boiko to Managing Enterprise Content's Ann Rockley and lots of others.

7 myths of usability ROI

BayCHI presentation from Oracle's Daniel Rosenberg puts common ROI approaches through the wringer. The thing that stands out for me is that ROI calculations don't include any consideration of the end user - if the product costs more to own, but the company makes back its money faster, then ROI suggest that this is the right decision - even though long term sustainability might be compromised.

New Interaction Design Site, Symposium

Molly Steenson has put up a new site at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. The Interaction Design HUB offers categorized links and a blog. Excellent collection, and it will be good to hear more on the web from Ivrea folks.

Also of note - HUB launched as part of the Symposium On Foundations of Interaction Design, a small invite only conference with luminaries like Tom Erickson and Don Norman that runs Nov 12-13. Fortunately for us, there's a live video feed [Windows Media] (though the Italian timezone means you'll have to wake up early on the west side of the Atlantic). Papers will be linked up later.

HITS 2003 Presentation Slides

The HITS 2003 Presentation Slides are online. HITS (Humans, Interaction, Technology, Strategy) was a conference I really wanted to go to, but having already spent my conference budget, I'm happy to see the slides online. Thanks [InfoDesign]

Peter Merholz has also shared some of his thoughts about the conference. Of particular interest is the different takes on value and the fundamental business talks.

Breaking New Ground - the 2004 IA Summit Call for Papers

The IA Summit looms closer with today's call for papers:
Some of us in the IA field are solidifying the IA foundation, digging deeper, while others are pushing the boundaries working with other fields and platforms. In both cases, we are breaking new ground. The ASIS&T IA Summit 2004 is seeking submissions from information architecture practitioners and researchers that support this theme. If you are developing the IA practice in your organisation by documenting methods, applying IA principles to new platforms and devices like interactive TV or handheld devices, using techniques from related disciplines in your day-to day work or researching the latest ways to connect people and content, we want to hear from you.

Paper deadline is October 31, poster deadline is December 5th. And oh yeah - the Summit itself is February 27-29th 2004, in Austin, Texas. Hope to see you there :)

UPA NYC event: Making intranet weblog data usable

The presentation slides from my discussion on Blogging in Corporate America at the NYC UPA chapter meeting are available for downloading. I've also posted some rather short afterthoughts here.

IA Summit 2004: Save the date...

FYI: Just noticed that the ASIST site mentioned ...

Information Architecture, February 28-29, 2004, Austin, TX

When a site comes up we'll put a link here, however I think saving the date helps folks plan their budgets for conferences next year.

Flash Mob #6

Mob #6 Pics

I've uploaded a few pics of the latest flash mob. Naturally, I was running late to the start point but managed to intercept a large group of people leaving Hamburger Harry's. Figuring this to be the mob en route (oh, how clever am I?) I verified that to be the case with a young woman. Unfortunately, she didn't have a copy of the instructions (only a print out of the announcement email). I glomed onto the group anyway figuring my best bet would be to try to follow this wicked fast Japanese cameraman.

Much to my delight, the group arrived at the Toys R' Us flagship store in Times Square. As I was walking to Harry's originally I thought (given the Macy's event prior) that it would be a great locale. Anyway, we went to the second floor and people milled about for a bit. At one point an English gent with a mic interviewed me about the mob. After a brief bout of us both being cagey about the why I mentioned to him that I didn't have a copy of the script yet. He showed me and I was even more delighted.

...and at the appointed time we all surrounded the giant animatronic t-rex, got down on our knees in feigned worship, and screamed in mock terror when it roared.

The call to disperse came at just the right time since the police showed up....

All in all it was a grand time. A little slice of cliche heaven to boot. In front of me during the "worship" was a Japanese Salariman and to my left a trendy hipster doofus complete with adjusto-strap prole hat.

DUX 2003 Case Studies

The DUX 2003 case studies are online - these are the same PDFs that were offered for human consumption on the conference CD.

I'm on a deadline right now so won't link to individual papers, but favorites include the Constraints panel (but I'm biased, since the authors are all excellent people), the Intel pervasive computing stuff (Connexus & Vineyard papers), the Business Issues panel, the blender redesign from Continuum (again, more excellent people), and a lot of the Informing DUX panel - particularly the MS personas, Bob Baxley's UI model, and a different take on card sorting in the Vacations vs. Groceries paper.

[ thanks InfoDesign ]

Notes from Special Libaries 2003 Conference

I posted my notes from the SLA 2003 conference. It's rather lengthy and may only be of interest to those interested in what's happening with library information systems and services.

DUX Conference Notes Here

Ok, as much as I like serendipity, I really want to aggregate the DUX notes out there. I was not fortunate enough to head to DUX last weekend, but I've been randomly stumbling onto the notes. Please post your notes or links to your notes if possible in the comments:

Amy Lee
Boxes & Arrows (Erin Malone)
Brad Lauster and Day 2
Aaron Oppenheimer
Gene Smith's Photos
Celia Romaniuk's notes on Buxton & Kapor
Uday Gajendar
Danny O'Brien in which he somewhat apologizes for the panel that he was on...

Notes from 2 by Two conference

Dirk Kneymeyer shares his notes from the invite-only 2 by Two conference at the IIT Institute of Design. Lots of bright people talking about the future of design.

Good Experience Live writeup

Anil Dash writes up his thoughts on Mark Hurst's Good Experience Live conference.

The conference covered experience from a wide array of perspectives - from exploding dog to Amazon. While these kinds of events may not offer as much pragmatic know-how, they serve as inspiration for different disciplines.

While I'm hesitant about the dilution inherent in "everything is an experience, so experience design is about everything", innovation thrives at the periphery and at disciplinary intersections. Even without a New York conference, we can still gain a lot from exploring those edges through cross-training - talking with and learning from other disciplines.
(thanks Webword)

Update: Mark is collecting GEL wrapups.

Christina's teaching at User Interface 8

While many of our talented colleagues have or are currently offering courses at one venue or another, Christina Wodtke is offering the opportunity for you to shape her upcoming course at User Interface 8. Let her know in her site comments what you'd like her to cover in a day, particularly if you've read Blueprints. If there were areas where her book fell a bit short for you, this might be an opportunity to address something in more depth.

IA Summit Presentations

The PowerPoint presentations for the IA Summit are being collected on the conference site - look for the "PowerPoint Presentation" link by the name of the talk.

Also, the Asilomar Institute has posted the presentations and rough notes from its preconference seminar.

I've also added this to the earlier IA Summit summaries collection post, which has a bunch of other goodies.

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